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September 22, 2023

Fall Decor That’s Actually Worth The Money

Fall Mountain Valley

By now, you have probably seen enough Fall decor to make your head spin. While cheap florescent orange and yellow leaves are still an Autumn staple, we wanted to find pieces you could confidently add to your annual decor. But what is actually worth the money and timeless enough to carry on year after year? We gathered some of our favorites for you to try!

**We provided links to allow you to find and shop products more easily. We still chose products we like and think you will like too! Please be aware that we may receive a commission if you use our links to shop at no cost to you. This allows us to create content and operate this site.**


There is a reason Fall Decor is heavy on florals from stems to wreaths and even entire faux trees. Autumn is all about the change in nature. Therefore, we are drawn to bring that aspect into our homes.

The benefit of florals is that they make a big impact in any space big or small. Nature adds visual interest and a pop of color whether it is real or faux. So a little can really go a long way. One thing to keep in mind is that faux florals are meant to be enjoyed from afar. Unless this is something you want year-round at eye level, you can get away with the less expensive options for Fall decor.

Fall Stems: Foliage & Blooms

8 Stem Recommendations for Fall Decor

1.) Eucalyptus Stems in Copper (Set of 6) 2.) Olive Leaf Stems in Orange 3.) Eucalyptus Stem in Yellow 4.) Thistle Stem in Yellow 5.) Thistle Stem in Light Pink 6.) Baby’s Breath in Red 7.) Eucalyptus Stem in Burgundy 8.) Eucalyptus Stem in Green & Yellow

Tip: Some stems can appear “too perfect” when used in a vase. Especially for Fall decor, you can remove some leaves, bend the branches, and create a sparser appearance. Densely packed foliage can hold the eye’s attention rather than letting it travel to the rest of the space.

13 Stems and Branch Recommendations for Fall Decor

Fall Stems: Branches and Grasses

1.) Multi-Colored Foliage Stems 2.) Pampas Grass in Burgundy 3.) Blossom Spray in Terra Cotta 4.) Pampas Grass in Purple 5.) Pampas Grass Reed Stem in Blush 6.) Pampas Grass in Blush 7.) Pampas Grass in Orange 8.) Eucalyptus in Golden Orange 9.) Aspen Branch in Yellow 10.) Forsythia Branch in Yellow 11.) Branches with Orange Leaves 12.) Magnolia Leaf Branch 13.) Eucalyptus Stem in Dark Green

Adding branches and grasses to your Fall decor is a perfect way to have timeless pieces for many years to come. Because they mimic nature, they are extremely versatile in decor but also remain in demand during the Fall season every year.


16 Faux Pumpkin Recommendations for Fall Decor

1.) 9″ Orange & Dark Green Flat Pumpkin by Ashland® 2.) Glitzhome® Medium Glass Pumpkin, Multicolor Stripes 3.) Glitzhome® Large Glass Pumpkin, Multicolor Stripes 4.) Glitzhome® Crackle Glass Short Pumpkin, Amber 5.) 7″ Halloween LED Textured Cream Glass Pumpkin by Place & Time 6.) 11″ Taupe-Orange Flat Pumpkin by Ashland® 7.) 7.5″ Fall Yellow & Orange Pumpkin by Place & Time 8.) 10.5″ Green Round Pumpkin by Ashland® 9.) 14″ Orange & Cream Princess Pumpkin by Ashland® 10.) 12″ Fall Green Outdoor Pumpkin by Place & Time 11.) Model Halloween Christmas Holiday Decoration – Yellow 12.) 11″ Green & Yellow Flat Pumpkin by Ashland® 13.) 22″ Fall Orange Outdoor Pumpkin by Place & Time 14.) 15.5″ Orange & Yellow Pumpkin by Ashland® 15. ) 8.5″ Fall Green Pumpkin by Place & Time 16.) WsCrofts Large Artificial Pumpkin, 12.6inch

Pumpkins are the quintessential Fall decor that you will see from most stores around this time. What they don’t tell you is that fake pumpkins are pricey! A very large pumpkin will cost you $150 to over $300 from pricier stores. If you are looking to start building an annual supply of Fall decor, consider investing in 1 or 2 larger pieces a year- filling in with the smaller, less expensive ones instead.

How do you decide what is worth the splurge when buying online? Look at the stem. Many faux pumpkin stems are secured with a very visible hot glue glob. Or it’s a very basic stem that is a single color such as black, brown, or green. If the manufacturer took the time to secure a quality stem on the pumpkin, it’s likely worth the extra bucks. Additionally, the more color variance makes a more realistic pumpkin. Real pumpkins aren’t perfectly orange or green without any texture. Your faux ones shouldn’t be either (unless that’s your intention).


1.) 24″ Pink Heather Wreath by Ashland® 2.) Rust Heather Wreath 3.) Glitzhome® 22″ Fall Eucalyptus Berry Wreath 4.) 24″ Pumpkin, Lotus & Orange Slice Wreath by Ashland® 5.) Pumpkin and Greenery Foliage Wreath 6.) Mixed Leaf Wreath Burgundy – Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee 7.) Eucalyptus and Bamboo Leaves Wreath 8.) Sullivans Eucalyptus Artificial Wreath 26″H Brown 9.) Pheasant Feather Wreath

Wreaths are another piece of Fall decor that is a staple in every seasonal display. This is probably why wreaths tend to be another more expensive addition to your Fall decor. Despite this, wreaths generally hold up for years so they still can end up being a good value long-term.

When shopping for a wreath it is important to note that you get what you pay for. Wreaths are made by hand either entirely or just the finishing touches. The more elements added to a wreath will also drive up the price. When shopping online for a wreath, look at the dimensions! While this seems obvious, we found some online sources that made it difficult for you to find a wreath by size. Smaller wreaths will be photo-edited on front doors making it harder to visualize the true size unless you look for specifications. Don’t skip this step and you’ll save yourself the headache of a return on seasonal decor.

Fall Decor into the Holiday Season

If you are someone who decorates for Halloween, incorporate your Fall decor to warm up the dark tones. Or swap out the Fall decor for some spookier inspiration (our personal favorite). Either way, keep the Fall decor close by! Fall decor transitions perfectly between Halloween and Christmas when it’s too late for ghost decor but too early for the Christmas tree.

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