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Feeling a bit of deja vu?
Us too...

In a world filled with stark white kitchens, and neutral everything, we started to wonder- where did everyone's personality go? 

Somewhere between plastering our walls with posters and getting a place of our own, many of us lose those personal touches. To make matters worse, the most accessible home brands took a copy-and-paste approach to design. The result? Most of us have cookie-cutter decor or neutral, safe designs that we never really loved from the start.

We're here to inspire you to think about things differently! We want to create a space for all the "other" outside-the-box inspiration to flow. Your home should be the one place that doesn't feel influenced by our limited options. It should be a place we are able to curate with limitless potential.

We hope Somey Home serves as a guide for you to imagine and create a space that is true to you!

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