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August 29, 2023

The Best Mosquito Repellents to Banish Bug Bites for Good

Summer Backyard
Mosquito Repellent

With Summer days outside in the sunshine, comes the inevitable and dreaded bug bites. Whether you are looking to make your yard as mosquito-free as possible, or trying to adventure outdoors in peace, we compiled the best mosquito repellents for every scenario.

**We provided links to allow you to find and shop products more easily. We still chose products we like and think you will like too! Please be aware that we may receive a commission if you use our links to shop at no cost to you. This allows us to create content and operate this site.**

We’ve got YOU covered:

Mosquitoes can detect a human from 100 feet away just from the carbon dioxide we exhale. This makes personal protection vital so no matter where you are, you can relax and enjoy. You can protect yourself by:

  • Using effective mosquito repellant (sprays, bands, lotions, and soaps)

**If you want to learn more about repellent ingredients, check out this article for more details.

Mosquito Repellent Lotion

If you’re anticipating being in an area with a heavy mosquito presence, this repellent in lotion form could be your answer! A favorite of reviewers who have allergic reactions to bug bites, this long-lasting product delivers unmatched protection against mosquitos, ticks, and biting flies.

Spray Repellent Options:

There are a plethora of spray mosquito repellents on the market today. We chose a few of our favorites from heavy-duty DEET sprays to natural formulas!

Spray Mosquito Repellents

(From Left to Right)

  1. Cutter Dry: Cutter created a repellent with a focus on comfort. This 10% DEET formula protects without leaving you feeling oily or greasy. Editors note: Unscented bug sprays generally still have a traditional “bug spray smell”. Reviewers stated it is a lighter scent than other repellents but don’t expect odor-free.
  2. Off Deep Woods: This popular brand specially formulated a 20% DEET repellent to combat mosquitoes in heavily populated areas.
  3. Proven: Proven’s 20% Picaridin formula has mastered the odorless approach to insect repellent. Reviewers raved about the lack of harmful chemicals and scent making it a popular and effective choice for people sensitive to fragrance.
  4. Ranger Ready: This DEET-free repellent uses 20% Picaridin to combat bugs. The orange-scented formula provides up to 12 hours of protection from mosquitoes. As a bonus, the spray comes in a convenient 360-degree trigger nozzle.

Repellent Wristbands:

Mosquito Repellent Bands

These wearable wristbands deter mosquitos without chemicals, pesticides, or DEET. Some reviewers noted it may be better suited for a backyard BBQ rather than a deep woods setting. However, these can be a great option for those wanting to boost other mosquito repellent methods!

Enjoy the Outdoors while mosquitos are less active

Mosquito presence tends to be at its peak between sunset and sunrise. This is important to know when choosing different repellent methods. If you plan to be outside during peak times, mosquito repellent in addition to loose-fitting clothing such as pants and long sleeve shirts is an ideal choice.

Your Bug-Free Outdoor Oasis:

Many things in your outdoor space can attract and even multiply the mosquito population in your yard. Standing water, lack of airflow, tall grass, dead foliage, and even shady areas can all create a comfortable environment for these pests. You can take back your space by:

Removing Dead Foliage:

  • Remove dead foliage including leaves, mowed grass, and other organic matter from your yard to prevent making a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Removing Standing Water and Treat Water Features:

  • Areas of standing water around your yard attract mosquitoes as they are perfect breeding grounds. Mosquitos can lay up to 700 eggs within their short lifespan meaning water treatment should be high on your list. Products like Mosquito Dunks are a highly-rated, fish-safe option to kill larvae before they invade your space. Some consumers reported coffee grounds in standing water were effective at keeping larvae at bay as well.

Trim Trees and Bushes:

  • While we all want shade for relief in the Summer months focus on shady areas that allow puddles to stay muddy or prevent airflow.

Create Airflow:

  • Adding an outdoor fan or trimming back foliage blocking airflow can make it difficult for mosquitos to fly, detect your scent, and even land on you. Check out these outdoor fan options to keep those bugs down while keeping you cool!
Outdoor Ceiling Fan

(Above) Modern Ceiling-Mounted Outdoor Fan

(Below) Modern Cordless Standing Fan *This fan is not only rechargeable but has a remote control and can transition from tripod stand to table-top, to hanging in an instant!

Adjustable Standing Fan

Add Mosquito-Repelling Plants to Your Garden:

Adding plants to your yard that deter mosquitoes offers you a variety of methods to combat bug bites. These plants are known to be effective mosquito repellents either from topical use, scent, or burning methods:


-Bee Balm

-American Beautyberry











Consider Different Light Sources:

Mosquitos are less attracted to yellow lights as well as LED bulbs.

  • Lanterns and citronella candles provide the perfect ambiance while deterring pesky mosquitos.
  • Switching classic incandescent bulbs with LEDs can not only be an effective mosquito repellent but also lower your electric bill.

These string lights from the TIKI brand use LED bulbs and repellent pods within the string to combat mosquitos simultaneously. These became a fast favorite among our team for their stylishly sneaky way to add repellent to your outdoor space.

Other Repellent Sources:

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent
  • Thermacell: Thermacell uses scent-free mosquito repellents to disrupt signals to drive them away. It has a larger protection area than citronella and is scent-free. There are many designs to choose from but this rechargeable one is one of our favorites!
  • Mosquito Repellent Traps: Mosquito traps are an easy-to-use natural option to repel bugs. These 100% natural traps use natural plant essential oils to keep mosquitos away from your living areas for up to 90 days!
  • Lawn Spray: There are many options for lawn sprays that add mosquito repellent while watering creating a green and bug-free space. Be sure to look for sprays that are safe for your climate as some can burn your lawn if you are in hotter areas. We found Cutter Backyard Bug Controlling Spray to have great results with over 20,000 5-star reviews! Users like the easy-to-use and effective formula to battle backyard pests.
  • Cedarcide: These insect-repelling cedar granules naturally repel bugs by interfering with the pheromone chemicals they use to navigate, mate, search for food, and regulate body functions.
  • Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellents: For a chemical-free option, these plug-in repellents use sound waves designed to disrupt and irritate not only mosquitoes but many other kinds of household pests. Your space can be bug-free without the use of harmful ingredients or allergens.
Modern Mosquito Coil
  • Incense or Mosquito Coil: There are thousands of different incense types to repel mosquitos- a method that has been used for centuries. From all-natural DEET-free classic varieties to a modern mosquito coil, you have plenty of options.
  • Professional Service: While professional services tend to be more expensive, there are plenty of reasons why it could be worth it in the long run. One of the biggest reasons is that a local pro may be able to comprehensively attack the source of bug issues. Their knowledge of your area, climate, and even what species thrive in your outdoor space is valuable information. Depending on the severity of the issue, having a professional evaluate your home could be key in resolving even the most relentless bug issues.

Have you tried any of these bug-repelling products? What is your repellent go-to? Let us know in the comments!

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